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Biola’s Impact Film Club

A club that helps bridge a divide between students.
Courtesy of Caleb Anderson

Watching movies is one way to relax after a long day of classes or work. The Impact Film Club provides the opportunity for students who share a love for film to come together as a community and unwind while watching movies. 


The club was first formed in Spring 2022 by junior cinema and media (CMA) arts major Caleb Anderson, the current president of the Impact Film Club. It was officially launched in Fall 2022. 

“One of my professors mentioned a need for a film community on campus and I had agreed and began to form a team to help form the club,” Anderson said.

As president of the club, Anderson communicates with its members, introducing Impact Film Club at each screening and keeping in contact with students who requested a screening. He makes sure the club carries out its vision through the hosted events and screenings.


Anderson formed the club in hopes of developing a strong community amongst students who share a love for film, regardless of whether or not they’re CMA majors.

“Through my time here at Biola, I started to feel a strange division between CMA students and non-CMA students, especially when it came to talking about movies,” Anderson said. “This elitism really concerned me as I felt it severely undermined the art form I have come to love so dearly. Movies are for everyone. They have such a unique quality to show us diverse perspectives, opinions and emotions, and through that I think they can foster very strong bonds between people.”

By hosting weekly student-run screenings, Anderson endeavors to break through this division. Each week, a different student will choose a film that was impactful or important to them. The club works to present a wide variety of movies, urging students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

“Through the club, I have seen so many great conversations and bonds grow from screenings. I have also seen the spotlight shown on so many students who may not normally get to share what they love with such a large community,” Anderson said. “I think that through the hard work of our team, Impact has become a safe place where people can come and share about their experiences and how it relates to this beautiful art form. Ultimately, I just hope that the community created at Impact has been as meaningful to others as it has been for me.”

The Impact Film Club hosts its weekly screenings on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. in Rood 55. To keep up with the club, follow their Instagram @impact_filmclub.

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