Spotlight on the Eddy 

Elias Shamoon and Jake Scott set the stage on fire at the pavilion.


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Elias Shamoon opens the Eddy with a set of five original songs.

Aaron Rollins, Freelance Writer

Hosted by the Office of Campus Engagement, the Eddy is an annual on-campus concert at Biola. The fireplace pavilion, located at the center of campus, was the backdrop for the event. This year featured a donut wall, refreshments, a giveaway, a photobooth and two amazing musicians. Students crowded around the stage waiting for the first performer to jump up.

Elias Shamoon, a fall 2022 Biola graduate, opened the night with an unreleased song called “Colorblind.” He played a total of five songs consisting of two unreleased songs, one cover and two songs that are currently out on all platforms. He closed his set with his most renowned song, “fool without you.”

“It was really fun,” Shamoon said. “Getting to see people engage with me. People singing, smiling. There was one girl who got into it and made me get into it.”


The energy garnered from the first performer only increased when Jake Scott took the stage. He opened with an upbeat, high-energy song called “CWJBHN,” which stands for “Can We Just Be Happy Now,” from his album “TWENTY TWENTY.” The song has been streamed over 20 million times on Spotify. He followed, a few songs later with a beautiful song titled “She’s Not You.” 

In an interview with, Jake said “This song is really about nostalgia to me. It’s the heartbreak of knowing you might never get back to where you once were, and there’s something beautifully tragic about that.”

During Scott’s electric performance, the sound went out twice but this didn’t stop Biola students from jamming along with him. He closed with one of his most popular songs, “Favorite T-Shirt.”  


Throughout Scott’s performance, he encouraged the crowd to sing along and told stories of how each song was written and inspired by different things in his life. At the end of the show, he brought a fan on stage and signed the back of her sweatshirt.

“OCE did a great job with this event,” senior psychology major Josie Risinger said. “I was so surprised that [Jake Scott] was able to come to Biola. The amount of people that showed up was awesome and the donuts were so yummy.”

Adelynn Berger, a sophomore transfer psychology major, enjoyed seeing another side of Biola with this being her first time at the Eddy. 

“I haven’t been able to see Biola in this environment,” Berger said. “Everyone’s dancing. The vibes were just good.”

This year’s Eddy was full of standout live performances and gave students a break from their studies. The Office of Campus Engagement teased next year’s Eddy and encouraged students to attend with jokes about inviting Drake to perform.

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