Biola’s AAPI community hosts the 90639 Night Market

Students sample food and explore artwork from Asian cultures.


Shelby LaPorte//CHIMES

Biolans sample Asian food and watch cultural performances at the 90639 Night Market.

Shelby LaPorte, Staff Writer

On Feb. 20, Biola’s Asian American and Pacific Islander community hosted the second annual 90639 Night Market. Set up across from the Fluor Fountain, attendees had the opportunity to partake in several cuisines and enjoy performances such as beatboxing and dancing.


From kimbap to spam musubi to lumpia, the scents of sweet, savory and spicy foods filled the tent as students milled around. However, food was not all the Night Market had to offer. Around the tent, attendees participated in a chopstick class, wrote notes at an honor and gratitude station and stopped by tables displaying ink paintings and books by AAPI authors.

Mike Ahn presented Dr. Glen Kinoshita, director of diversity education and training, with a service award at the event. Kinoshita displayed his ink paintings known as sumi-e in Japan and students took part in a round of trivia to win a painting of their choice. 


There was a live DJ as well as a beatboxer. Usual Suspects, a dance crew at Biola that performed at Sola Soul and Torrey Conference, also choreographed a few dances to popular K-pop songs. 

One of the tables showcased materials about the history of chopsticks and offered a quick class that provided students with a how-to lesson on using chopsticks. Another was filled with cookbooks, children’s stories and memoirs. The Korean Vegan Cookbook by Joanne Lee Molinaro, Eyes that Speak to the Stars by Joanna Ho and Minor Feelings: An Asian American Story by Cathy Park Hong were among the books that were displayed.

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