Biolans cast ballots in SGA and SMU elections

Students vote for SGA and SMU president and SGA senator.


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Biolans cast ballots for student representatives.

Dalet Valles, News Editor

On Feb. 6–7, Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Missionary Union (SMU) held elections for the 2023-2024 SGA and SMU representatives. Voting was held under the bell tower, where students scanned a QR code that directed them to the voting ballot. 

“I believe that voting allows all students to have a say in who represents them,” said Iziphozonke Mlambo, sophomore biological science major and current Blackstone senator who ran for the SGA presidency unopposed. “Somewhere in each of us lies the ability to make inspiring change and all of that can start with one vote.”


This year, two candidates ran for SMU president — Ingrid Cruz, a sophomore business administration major and director of administration for SMU, and Neema Mbogo, senior commercial music and communications sciences and disorders double major and director of global missions for SMU. Cruz celebrated the end of her campaign on Sunday, Feb. 5 with a mariachi band after Singspiration. 

SGA had two candidates running altogether. Andrew Ambrose, sophomore contemporary worship music major and current Hope senator, had a re-election campaign for Hope senator for 2023–24 and Mlambo ran unopposed for president of SGA. 

“As much as one would feel like it’s an easy path to run unopposed, I want to see Biolans run for office,” Mlambo said. “I believe that there are many people on this campus who would make great representatives and it saddened me to find out that there were fewer faces on the ballot this year. I understand that this is not about me or any individual. It is about us. All of us.”


Students had a chance to enter a raffle for a Biola swag bag, provided by SGA. Students had to take a selfie with their ‘I Voted’ sticker, which was given to them once they finished voting, and post it on their Instagram story along with tagging three Biola students and the SGA Instagram account. SGA and SMU invited students to the ballot table with hot chocolate and candy. 

“It is important for students to come out and vote because it allows them to have a voice in their community and gives them the opportunity to have a voice in next year’s student leadership,” said Elizabeth Day, a senior marketing major and director of human resources for SMU. 

Election results have yet to be announced.

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