Search for a new Enrollment, Marketing and Communications VP continues

Mike Pierce leads the hunt for a new cabinet member.


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Executive vice president of University Operations and Finance Mike Pierce leads the search for a new EMC vice president.

Dalet Valles, News Editor

At the close of last semester, Lee Wilhite, the previous vice president of Enrollment, Marketing and Communications (EMC), parted ways with Biola. The search for a replacement, led by Mike Pierce, executive vice president of University Operations and Finance, has been ongoing from the moment Wilhite’s departure was announced. 

Despite the vacancy, EMC continues to work with the temporary leadership of Pierce. 

“EMC continues to work at a high level of productivity and creativity,” said Pierce. “We had a very encouraging spring enrollment number and are well on our way to a successful fall 2023 enrollment. I’m really excited about the future and I must say on a personal level, I have really enjoyed getting to know the staff in EMC.  They are a wonderful group of individuals who love Biola, its mission and care deeply about our prospective and current students.”


In November 2022, Pierce kickstarted the nationwide search for a new EMC vice president. Last week, three candidates interviewed for the open position at Biola.

“We’re looking for someone who has a strong enrollment background and who can bring best-in-class ideas to Biola,” said Pierce. “We’re looking for someone who can lead a large and diverse group of individuals towards a common goal, while providing mentorship and development to young and hardworking employees.”

According to Pierce, this candidate must be able to communicate with high school students, parents, veterans, international students, churches and colleges about the education that Biola provides. The vice president of EMC would also be responsible for Biola’s website and marketing — Biola’s brand and individual schools within Biola — and the financial aid office

“In addition to marketing and enrollment, this position is also responsible for the communication efforts we undertake to ensure current students are aware of university news and events on campus, that Biola has a social media presence, that we can respond to public relations questions as well as manage crises and Biola’s overall reputation,” Pierce said. 

Pierce hopes to fill the position and introduce the vice president of EMC, who will be part of the President’s Cabinet, to the Board of Trustees and community by May. 

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