Biola reduces required Bible units for select students starting fall 2023

Transfer students, engineering majors and robotics majors will be granted a reduction in necessary Bible credits.


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Biola reduces required Bible units for transfer students as well as robotics and engineering majors.

Dalet Valles, News Editor

Beginning in fall 2023, Biola will reduce the amount of required Bible units for students in two majors with rigorous course loads as well as for certain transfer students. In an email released to faculty and staff, Biola announced the changes coming for engineering and robotics majors, along with transfer students. 

“[We] look forward to the Fall 2023 implementation of the recently approved Bible reduction option for qualifying transfer students and two approved high-credit majors,” the email stated. 


Students enrolling in robotics and engineering in fall 2023 will be allotted a new course catalog which will lower the required Bible units. As of right now, Biola students must complete 30 credits of Bible courses to fulfill the biblical studies minor. Students who began the program in spring of 2023 will be able to switch their current course catalog to the new fall 2023 catalog beginning June 1. 

The new required units for Bible courses have been set to 18 credits; however, the majors qualified for the reduction will no longer be eligible for the biblical studies minor. Students who desire to receive the minor must complete the extra 12 credits to total 30 biblical study credits. 

Despite many other courses having rigorous course loads, no other programs are being considered for these reductions. 


Transfer students with more than 45 transferable credits will be eligible for the reduction as well. Incoming transfer students must submit their transcripts before their first day of the fall semester — a student will know if their eligibility is confirmed by the end of the second week of their first semester at Biola. Similar to the reduction for majors, transfer students will have the units reduced to 18 credits. 

All students eligible for the reduction are urged to speak with their academic advisor and the Office of the Registrar for further planning. Students receiving the reduction will no longer qualify for the biblical studies minor. The transfer student, robotics and engineering websites have been updated to reflect the course plan that includes the reduction. 

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