Reflections on student journalism

The best parts of this semester from a student journalism perspective.

Emily Coffey and Hannah Larson

There are things no one tells student journalists before they join the ranks of weary, sleep-deprived zombies fueled by caffeine and hounded by criticism. Everything is always due but nothing ever feels quite done. Pieces are submitted by deadline only to be shredded by editors and decimated by readers-turned-editors — who always know better than the writer how a piece should sound. 

It is a strange obsession which drives writers, editors, photographers and designers to pour hours of work into print magazines that will inevitably end up at the bottom of a recycling bin, ripped apart yet again until the words on the page bleed into nothingness. In the beautiful madness that is student journalism there is error, but there is also truth; frustration, but also deep joy. 

The Chimes’ student perspective brings its unique viewpoint, criticism, thoughtfulness and empathy, seeking to ignite meaningful conversations that spark more awareness in the student body. The Chimes is and has always been for Biolans, whether that be peers, faculty or administrators. 


In the Chimes digital edition, the news section showcased the Startup Competition kickoff, an event which honored student creativity and innovation. The sports page celebrated the Eagles’ athletic prowess in a variety of sports including on the basketball court, where sophomore guard Daniel Esparza and senior guard Alex Wright opened the men’s season with a decisive victory. The arts and entertainment section highlighted Theatre 21’s masterful comedy “Suite Surrender” as well as the symphonic winds concert, while the opinions page tackled timely topics including toxic femininity, quiet quitting and student debt relief

The first edition of the Chimes’ print magazine took a critical look on the newest additions to Biola faculty and our next edition will take a deep dive into student doubt and excellence, highlighting the ways in which students are succeeding across campus. 

Moving forward, the Chimes remains committed to pursuing excellence in student journalism, both in our online edition and print magazine. As always, thanks for reading and giving feedback and we look forward to welcoming you back when we resume publishing online next semester. 

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