SGA Rundown: Senate deliberates proposals and gives financial updates

GSPD proposal passed during same-day voting.

Phoebe Vrable, News Editor

Short film producer of Ever Flowing Ben Dilsisian, short film producer of Sisters Katherine Baguio and line producer Caitlin Krengel asked SGA for $3,000 to fund the annual film premiers. The event will take place on Dec. 9 in Sutherland Auditorium. 

In the past, Dilsisian said that competition between the two films has become unhealthy and received a bad reputation. By collaborating together on the premier, Dilsisian said that his colleagues have been able to promote community from within the Cinema Media Arts department as well as build relationships with other departments. “It’s truly been a redemptive experience,” he added. 

“What we’d like to do is reinvent the space in front of Sutherland Hall,” said Krengel as she explained their vision. Krengel explained that funds will be used to create a “Disney-like” experience where film attendants can walk through tunnels completely transformed into worlds based off of the two films. Attendants will also be able to walk on the set and see the props used to create the films. The two immersive experiences will be separated by a curtain, whereupon the misc and scenery will completely change once passed under. Plans for thematic custom-built boba drinks are also in progress. 

Blackstone Senator Iziphozonke Mlambo Sr questioned how the immersive experience would enrich the lives of students who are not interested in CMA. Krengel explained that the department wants to take people out of the ordinary and awaken a fresh sense of wonder and anticipation — a sense of  “what next”  when they enter the building, fostering a richer viewing of the film. “Our main goal is to invite the Biola community into the heart of our class,” said Krengel. 

During deliberations, Block Senator Bradley Plausse motioned to grant the department the $820 required to build the immersive experience itself. Funds not included in the motion consisted of a multi hundred dollar red carpet and the money to provide complimentary boba which totaled $3000. 

After extensive deliberation, the motion was passed in full. 


SGA President Christie Macris gave an update on meetings with the board, adding that in response to student frustration over tuition increase, there will be an updated document shared in order to emphasize financial transparency that members should promote to their constituents in conjunction with scholarship opportunities. 

Macris also emphasized that improvements on campus are often financially sourced from donors and endowments to benefit the community — tuition increases do not fund these renovations. 

Plausse, Mlambo and Diversity and Inclusion coordinator Isaiah Swasey then discussed chapel survey feedback. They expressed concern over the survey being targeted towards white evangelicals, rather than the diverse student body as a whole. “It’s not a matter of pleasing people, it’s a matter of providing something for everyone,” said Mlambo. 

Macris added that Assistant Dean, Chapels & Worship Mike Ahn said that the board does not always approve the speakers that students are interested in. 


The $1,000 to fund GSPD for the country highlight fair called Meet the Neighbors passed in full. Deliberations were held with club members from GSPD in the room, a factor which surprised many board members. 

After much discussion on open meetings and terminology within the SGA handbook, Vice President Andrew Cantelmi gathered notes to discuss with Dean of Community Life & Title IX Coordinator Sandy Hough on ways to revise the handbook for clarity and functionality including who has the power to suspend debate rules.

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