Carnival for a Cause

SMU and SGA host a fundraiser for winter mission trips.


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Biolans enjoy food and music at the Carnival for a Cause.

Phoebe Vrable, News Editor

This evening, the Student Government Association partnered with the Student Missionary Union to host “Carnival for a Cause,” an event designed to raise money for the upcoming winter mission trips. SMU Director of Global Missions Neema Mbogo said that students are planning two different outreaches to Puebla and Yucatan State, Mexico.

“They’ve been undergoing training, meeting with their teams, preparing and fundraising to be able to go on the trips,” Mbogo explained. 

Mbogo elaborated on some of the hurdles SMU has faced this year, especially the high prices for airline tickets. “That’s been a huge thing that we’re trying to raise enough funds for,” she added. 


SGA Vice President Andrew Cantelmi said that one of SGA’s roles is to steward SMU funding and support the organization. VP of Finance Sophia Block added that this was a unique opportunity for SGA to support “one of the last student-run missionary organizations in the country.” She noted that especially during difficult times, planning the carnival was “a collaborative opportunity for [student organizations] to come together and join in on a good cause.” 


Highlights of the event included delicious-smelling fair foods, carnival games, prizes and a handful of raffles. Items-for-sale, such as homemade jewelry and tote bags, adorned tables throughout the patio. 

“Our biggest prizes [are for] three individuals who have said yes to being pied here at our event, and that is DBC himself, Chief O and Chad Miller,” said Mbogo. “They’ll be pied here around 8:15 p.m., and it’s gonna be super fun.” 

This is the first time SMU has hosted this type of event. Mbogo added that in past years, SMU hosted an event called Coffee for a Cause, which featured caffeinated beverages, tea, desserts and live music. This year, Mbogo’s SMU co-workers wanted to try something different. 

Mbogo said she hopes that their new carnival spin on the event will be a success and will continue every semester instead of just once a year. 

Students who want to be involved with SMU can apply for positions on their website and view open applications. SMU’s blog and Instagram are also ways to stay involved and updated on student-led missions news. 

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