Jazz group “Orange Colored Pie” wins Punk ‘n’ Pie

Annual talent show features comedy routines, brass melodies and piano recitals.

Emily Coffey, Managing Editor

Metzger lawn filled with Biola students and families for the annual Punk ‘n’ Pie talent show, which featured a lineup of students with some unique gifts. Judges included 2021 alumnus and student admissions coordinator Billy Cadilla, screenwriting professor Jim Hope and professor of theology Dr. Leon Harris. 

Senior psychology major David Perumalla opened the night with a cartoon theme song medley, using a variety of instruments. This opening act was followed by eleven other student acts, varying from piano recitals to comedy, ending with a concert from student band “Good Times.” After the student performances, student dance group Bropoc sang a medley of Beyonce songs. During the performance, audience members voted via QR code, which was handed out on flyers to decide the winner of the event.  

“Orange Colored Pie,” led by senior music therapy major Daisy Perrigan, won first place for their performance of the jazz classic “Orange Colored Sky,” which featured Perrigan’s flute skills alongside brass melodies. In the second place, return act “Clubb” won, performing both “Superstition” and a medley of childhood cartoon comics. Student band “Good Times” took third place. 

Other honorable mentions for student performances include freshman cinema media arts major Kristy Lowe playing the piano while upside down, of which Harris commented, “I was head over heels for that performance.”

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