Biolans pick their favorite Halloween movies

In honor of spooky season, check out the movies haunting campus.


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The classic horror film “It” is one of several spooky movies to watch this Halloween season.

Brendan Peters, Staff Writer

The return of spooky movies marks the beginning of the fall season, but the question is which movies to watch. Here are some go-to favorites for this time of year, including some familiar shows and other lesser-known watches.


The 1993 Disney classic remains the most-watched Halloween movie of all time, according to Vudu. “Hocus Pocus” tells the story of the Sanderson sisters, a coven of witches who return to Salem seeking revenge and immortality. The funny yet fanciful film remains a favorite among audiences and Biola students as well. The long-anticipated sequel was also just released on Disney+.


While some will be satisfied with some lighthearted fun, others have a taste for the downright scary. That’s where “It” comes in. Based on the Stephen King novel, it introduced movie fans in 2017 to Pennywise, a creepy clown that haunts the neighborhoods of Derry, Maine. Nothing gets people scared like clowns, and Pennywise just might take the cake as the scariest.


Tim Burton has often been heralded as a master of combining the creepy with the childlike, which is exactly why his film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has made its mark. This cult classic is a technical masterpiece, using stop motion animation in a movie unlike anything audiences had seen before. Evidently, the movie has skyrocketed in popularity: many people wear Jack Skellington T-shirts and display decorations from the film. The tale of what happens when a town stuck in Halloween tries their hand at Christmas still resonates with viewers, especially with Biolans.


A lesser-known thriller is a 1982 film that became famous for one line: “They’re here.” “Poltergeist” is based on a suspected true story of a family who begins to encounter strange disturbances in their home. Then their infant daughter disappears, which forces them to take drastic measures. Is their house haunted, or is it just all in their heads? If Halloween is a season for suspense, then this movie fits in.

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