Xopoc dance crew lights up the stage

Xopoc builds community and encourages students to express themselves through worship.


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Xopoc lights up the stage at Punk ‘N Pie.

Fashion Castillo-Delgadillo, Arts and Entertainment Editor

For Biola’s Xopoc Dance Crew, dance is a way for performers to bring glory to God while expressing themselves on the stage. During their shows, Xopoc performs stunning choreography under bright lights. Behind the scenes, the dance crew can be found working hard during weekly two-hour dance rehearsals in Lower Rose Hall preparing for their next event. 


Xopoc keeps God at the center of all their rehearsals and performances by worshiping through dance. The dance group spends the fall semester preparing for two main events, Punk N’ Pie and University Day, before spending the remainder of the semester doing weekly workshops with their crew. To prepare for their shows, Xopoc Dance Group rehearses once a week for two hours in Lower Rose Hall.

“For Xopoc, God is our only audience,” said Iris Chao, senior Business Administration major and president of the Xopoc Dance Club. “It’s really easy when you’re in a performance group [to care about how you look or present yourself], but at the end of the day, the idea that we’re trying to deliver is we only have one audience.” 

Composed of a diverse group of students with varying skill levels, Xopoc encourages students that love to dance and worship to audition to join the group.

“There’s really no skill required,” Chao said. “As long as you’re willing to commit to that weekly practice and also, like to dance.”


Chao explains how she was able to find community as an international student and express herself through dance during her freshman year at Biola. Growing up dancing since the second grade, Chao shares her love for dance, specifically hip-hop dance. In Xopoc, each person brings their own distinct background in dance, whether it’s ballet, jazz or even contemporary. 

As a freshman, Chao struggled to find a corporate space where she could express herself without worrying, which she found in Xopoc. This led her to join Xopoc leadership as the Vice-President during her junior year of college. 

“I really hope that I can create that space that I experienced in my freshman year and junior year,” says Chao. “I feel like it’s just such a unique way to express ourselves. For me, dance is a way to express myself so people know me more than through what I say or what I look like.”

Xopoc’s next performance will be at Punk N’ Pie during Biola Family Weekend on October 28th. Although they won’t be competing in the annual talent show, their performance will be free to view on Metzger Lawn at 7 p.m. alongside the other presentations.

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