Rundown of Joshua Bassett’s “Sad Songs In a Hotel Room”

Bassett reflects on Hollywood, home and heartbreak in his latest EP.


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Bassett delivers soulful lyrics on his latest EP.

Kate Bomar, Staff Photographer

The public intensely scrutinized Joshua Bassett after his alleged ex, Olivia Rodrigo, released her hit single “drivers license” in 2021. Bassett responded to the hate through new music, videos and sold-out concerts. His most recent EP, “Sad Songs In A Hotel Room,” shows his talent and expertise through song-writing and vocals, revealing intimate moments from his own personal journey. 


Bassett’s Sep. 23 release, a six-track long EP, explores lost relationships and remnants of old memories. Bassett reflects on moments spent with a partner in a hotel room and the contrast of being alone in the same place one year later in his first song. His latest music video of this song is now up on YouTube.  

The second song of the album, “LA,” looks at how Hollywood lights and gestures of fame seem so appealing in contrast to the city’s isolation. The song’s opening lyrics, “I just gotta get out of LA,” highlight this relevant message. Bassett grew up in Oceanside, CA and now resides in New York. 

Used to It” describes lyrically the emotional toll of Bassett’s previous toxic relationship. He infuses personal events described from his other songs into the course of this upbeat ballad. 

Bassett’s single “Smoke Slow” now sits as the fourth track on the EP with over four million streams on Spotify. This song brings storytelling to life, exploring the relationship between two friends that will never be more who simply enjoy the time they have together in the moment. “All that we are is all that we’ll ever be, because he’s the one waiting at home,” Bassett sings in the chorus, amplifying the soulful message of the song. 

After teasing his fans for months with “Lifeline,” Bassett includes a personal testimony dating back to 2021. Bassett went through heart failure and septic shock due to an excessive amount of stress from public scrutiny due to Rodrigo’s song. 

I felt my heart literally failing,” he said. “I was like, ‘This isn’t just anxiety. This is bad,” Bassett told People. The song shares the details of how his mom was his lifeline and safety-net during these hard times. Her voice can be heard as a recording at the beginning of the song. 

The EP ends with “All In Due Time” which shares how things will get better in time. It explores mental health situations examining anxiety and depression. Bassett explains, through his lyrics, that negative experiences can shape everyone for the better.


Bassett continues to work on a future album, staying booked and busy. He will continue to tour across the globe in 2023 in Berlin, Paris and three other locations in Europe. Season four of his hit show “High School Musical The Musical: The Series” is about to begin shooting. Fans can expect a lot from Bassett within this next year.

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