Brown noise soothes sleepers

Deep bass lullaby calms listeners.

Hannah Larson, Editor-in-Chief

A soundtrack that makes sound sleepers, the quiet rumble of brown noise infiltrated homes across the country after a viral TikTok trend produced a slew of videos about its soothing powers. The deep, rolling sound of brown noise creates a complex calmness that sweeps the sleepy listener into blissful slumber. 


The sudden explosion of popularity surrounding brown noise highlights one of the most basic human needs —  to sleep comfortably at night and awake well-rested for the day ahead. Whether aided by the blissful cocoon of brown noise or the equally comforting haven of night-time silence, sleep strengthens one’s body, mind and soul. 

“When a student comes to college, getting the least amount of sleep often becomes a bragging point or a badge of honor,” Biola’s Student Wellness Toolbox says. “However, when you are well-rested, your mood, productivity and clarity of mind all increase. Well-rested students prioritize relationships, allowing them to pursue friendships and a deeper relationship with God.”


Brown noise provides many benefits, including increased relaxation and sharpened focus that stem from its low, steady hum. The resonant bass improves concentration and drops the listener into a relaxed and peaceful state, which calms their heart and spirit. 

For theology professor Jason McMartin, sleep is both a means of staying healthy and a way to surrender the end of one’s day to the Lord. In a Biola Magazine article titled “How Can Sleep Bring Glory to God?” McMartin emphasized that sleep is another way of trusting God. 

It helps me to seek the Lord for every aspect of my responsibilities, commit the results to him and get a good night’s sleep under his watchful care,” McMartin said.

If that good night’s sleep has eluded you recently, the soft whir of brown noise may be the solution.

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