SGA Rundown: Senators deliberate student proposals

Senators discuss diversity and inclusion.

Hannah Larson, Editor-in-Chief

This week, the Student Government Association considered how to represent a diverse student body well and deliberated three proposals. 


Vice president of diversity and inclusion Liz Koh gave a presentation about the importance of senators representing a diverse student body well. She explained that diversity goes beyond race, including one’s culture and upbringing. Koh noted that experiencing diverse ideas opens students to new ways of thinking that broadens their perspectives. Koh said her background as a Singaporean-Chinese international student is an integral part of her identity and encouraged senators to remember that they are serving diverse constituents who are made in the image of God. 

Diversity and inclusion coordinator Isaiah Swasey said that many factors — race, disability, nationality and political position, among others — contribute to a person’s diverse background. He emphasized the importance of social and cultural humility and urged senators to ask questions about students’ life experiences when speaking with constituents of different backgrounds. 


Last week, Sunroot Liu, director of the Office of Campus Engagement, requested $3,000 to start a tradition called Commuter Days, where clubs would host events to meet commuter students. In today’s senate meeting, Block senator Bradley Plausse proposed a motion to pass the Commuter Days proposal in partial for $1,400 to fund the event for the fall semester. Blackstone senator Iziphozonke Mlambo seconded the motion and the proposal passed in partial for $1,400.

In a separate proposal last week, Liu requested $4,246 to create a cultural center called Heritage Hub at the Student Union Building. Liu proposed to put the money toward a display with banners that highlight students, staff and faculty of particular ethnic backgrounds throughout the year. Plausse expressed concerns about whether all students would be represented on the signage and questioned who would design the artwork and head the project. After deliberation, senators denied Liu’s proposal. 


During the executive board updates, SGA president Christie Macris said that Bon Appetit hired a new chef to cook at the Caf. She encouraged students to write in specific foods they would like to eat while filling out the comment card at the Caf so the Bon Appetit staff has a better idea of what Biolans would enjoy. 

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