SGA Rundown: Students request funds from senate

Senators discuss supporting commuters.

Hannah Larson, Editor-in-Chief

Rick Langer, director of the Office of Integration of Faith and Learning, discussed a free program called Bridging the Gap, where students from Pomona College will interact with Biolans as students from both schools ask hard questions and discuss controversial topics. Langer explained students from Pomona would stay in Biola dorms Oct. 7-9 and Biolans would stay at Pomona Oct. 21-23. 

Langer said Biolans and Pomona students would be together for 10 hours each weekend discussing contentious issues while listening to and empathizing with each other. Langer emphasized that the weekend would be one of learning and growing, not debating. He explained that there is a wide variety of perspectives in both institutions and said that getting to know other students with diverse opinions and viewpoints facilitates respectful communication even when viewpoints diverge. Students interested in participating in the program can fill out this form for more information. 


Sunroot Liu, director of the Office of Campus Engagement, requested $4246 to create a space called Heritage Hub at the Student Union Building. Liu described Heritage Hub as a place designed to normalize cultural education, reflect students’ heritage in a public space and celebrate marginalized communities. Funds requested will go toward books, vinyl banners, bungee cords and tables, among other items. 

Liu explained that his goal is to have a display with banners that highlight students, staff and faculty of particular ethnic backgrounds throughout the year. He said he wants a full year of celebration and cultural appreciation with the display memorabilia changing every month to focus on a different community at Biola. Liu explained the display would contain multiple panels showcasing the artwork as well as the history of a certain culture.


In his second proposal, Liu requested $3000 to start a tradition called Commuter Days, where clubs would host events to meet commuter students. Liu explained that it is easiest for commuters to attend noontime events in the middle of the week and suggested that clubs set up consistent meetings where commuters can stop by and get plugged in to the organization. Liu said Commuter Days would hold consistent meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12 p.m.- 2 p.m. with different clubs represented each week. The requested $3000 will go toward food and refreshments throughout the year. 


Blackstone senator Iziphozonke Mlambo requested $2,748 for four portable ice dispensers to be dispersed throughout Blackstone Hall. Mlambo said the dispensers would be accessible, easily refillable and would not require special plumbing. Mlambo explained he wants to make ice accessible for students to use in their drinks as well as have on hand in cases of injury. 

Mlambo said that Blackstone Hall has wanted ice machines for six years but has never received the required funds from SGA. He explained that the resident assistants can refill the machines and the Department of Facilities Management will provide maintenance and clean the filters. Mlambo noted that residents from other halls cannot access Alpha, a dorm that currently has an ice machine, after 11 p.m. and pointed to the convenience of having ice easily accessible within Blackstone Hall. 

SGA will vote on all proposals next week.

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