Isla Vista Worship releases “simplicity” EP

Walk through Isla Vista Worship’s new EP, “simplicity”, track-by-track.

Fashion Castillo-Delgadillo, Arts and Entertainment Editor

After a two-year intermission, Isla Vista Worship released their first post-pandemic EP composed of three songs, “thank you, sing praise” and “i’ll go. “Simplicity” was written on an acoustic guitar and sung on a headphone mic to remind listeners that they do not need elaborate production equipment to praise and worship God. 

Isla Vista Worship is a “local missions movement in a wild college party town, serving [their] neighbors for the glory of God and the good of [their] city.” After attending the 2022 Biola Missions Conference, Restore and Remember, Biola students are frequently spotted wearing Isla Vista Worship shirts and supporting the local missions movement. 


In the rendition of “thank you” from their album, Isla Vista Worship 2 sets the tone for the EP with a lofi production full of acoustic melodies and vocal harmonies. In comparison to the high production version of their song, “thank you” is a reminder to take a moment to reflect on where one started and give thanks for how Jesus has worked in one’s life. The slowed down, melancholic performance of the song encourages thanksgiving and inspires a posture of gratitude. 


“Sing Praise” also originates from IVW’s second album, Isla Vista Worship 2, but once again follows the new theme of simplicity — focusing primarily on the message of the song. The song develops a more dignified sound filled with deep sincerity and praise. 

“We hope this lofi, stripped-back track will invite you closer to the heart of God, and inspire you to respond with praise,” states Isla Vista Worship.


The final song on “simplicity” opens with the lyrics, “even when I can not see, your spirit is leading me,” encouraging listeners to go anywhere God sends them. “I’ll Go” has the most upbeat tempo of the three songs with muffled drum loops and acoustic fingerpicking. Following their branding as a local missions group, the chorus, “I’ll go anywhere you take me, ‘cause I know your love will sustain me”, is familiar to many Biola students after first hearing it during the 2022 Missions Conference. 

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