An abundance of blessings set for the new semester

Biola spiritual development announces annual chapel theme during Fall 2022 Convocation.


Emily Coffey//THE CHIMES

Spiritual Development announced “Abound” as the chapel theme when students gathered for Fall convocation.

Dalet Valles, News Editor

The Fall 2022 Convocation marked the launch of the new semester and welcomed back returning students and faculty along with incoming students and 16 new faculty members. Students packed Chase gymnasium where Biola University’s President Barry Corey announced the annual theme for chapels this year, Abound


The chapel theme this year is “Abound.” Throughout this year’s Monday and Wednesday morning chapels, the focus will revolve around the book of Philippians. The core of the theme is set in Philippians 1:9-11, emphasizing Paul’s prayer for one’s love to overflow, or abound. Corey highlighted difficult situations faced in everyday life including a tense political climate that should be dealt with abounding faith. 

“The big idea around our chapel theme this year is, how do we abound in our faith, especially when we are coming out of difficult situations including the pandemic,” said Corey. 

As chapels continue this semester, the goal is that students will become aware of the abounding love, peace and knowledge demonstrated by Paul that their own lives can reflect. 

The annual theme website states one’s personal act of worship is “to open ourselves and our lives to these words so that they may abound in our lives to the praise and glory of God.”

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