Farewell, Biola

The Chimes’ graduating seniors share their favorite memory, lessons learned and advice to returning students.

Hannah Dilanchyan, Opinions Editor

As the school year winds down and summer festivities begin, there is always a group of students who find themselves at a crossroads of life—graduating college and looking for what comes next. It is something that is both exciting and terrifying. 

Biola is a special place to so many people. It has been a safe place for students to grow in their faith, in their education and as a well-rounded person. Saying goodbye to somewhere that feels like home is never easy. 

Many members of our Chimes staff this year are graduating seniors. Below are some of their favorite memories and lessons they learned from their time at Biola. 

From all of us: farewell, Biola. We will forever cherish the memories, relationship and growth we have had here. 

Victoria Chiang – Nursing 

“Keep a gratitude journal, Biolans. There will be so many moments along your time in college where you are so immersed in the latest life challenge that you’ll forget how God has blessed you and brought you to where you are. Write down a couple things you’re thankful for daily and remember that he is both in the big and small things.

Also, use your college years to try something new unrelated to your major! I never thought I would spend five years at the Chimes, and it has been the best job I’ve ever had.” 

Hannah Dilanchyan – Journalism and Integrated Media 

“You really get out of it what you put into it: make the effort to talk to that person sitting next to you, study at Heritage or Commons even if you’re tired, schedule office hours with your professors…these are the moments that will enrich your time on campus. Keep your focus on the Lord—no matter how good or bad each day is. He’s got a plan that’s much bigger than you. Biola is a really special place—there is nowhere else like it. Don’t take it for granted. And make time to rest. Take that nap, drive to the beach, don’t skip a Sabbath rest—it’ll help you in the long run.” 

Marlena Lang – Journalism and Integrated Media 

“When I stepped onto Biola’s campus in 2018 for my very first semester of college, I had no idea what the next four years would bring. My Biola experience was filled with joy, pain, laughter, challenges, triumphs and continuous blessings from the Lord. Though, I have to say the most impactful part of my Biola experience was the community I created here. The people I have met here have encouraged me, celebrated with me, cried with me and cultivated flourishing relationships with me that I will cherish forever. As I leave Biola, I want to thank those here who have helped shape me into the woman I am today. Thank you to my roommates—past and present—for always being there for me. Thank you to the Chimes for teaching me to be an ethical Christ-loving journalist—and always bringing a smile to my face. Thank you to Heroes 2022 for creating a Christ-centered genuine community. Thank you to the Biola journalism department—especially Professor Stew—for pushing me to grow and become a better journalist. And thank you to everyone else who touched my life during this season of life. I love you all and praise God for allowing me to call Biola home over these four incredible years. Until we meet again.”

Amanda Frese – Journalism and Integrated Media 

“I know it seems like there’s a lot that needs to get done at every second. There were so many times when I rushed out of my dorm room or apartment and rushed to class, without taking a moment to think about or enjoy the day. But don’t forget to sit down and take time for things like breakfast or saying ‘hi’ to people you see when they walk by. I find that for me, taking any time out of my day to take a break and take time to slow down and enjoy my time at Biola has helped me be more grateful for even the most stressful days—because this time goes by so fast. take time to sit, slow down and reflect.”

Julianne Foster – Journalism and Integrated Media 

“Community is what I was most looking forward to at Biola, and in the end it was the most impactful to me.

During my time at Biola I learned that friends come and go, big plans you have for relationships fall through left and right. And while that might be disheartening, it’s something to be thankful for. God uses people in your life in different seasons to pour into you before you’re ready to move on to new things. Don’t let others’ choices hold you back and give you doubts about yourself. You will go farther than you ever imagined once you learn to keep an open mind for what God has for you and an open heart for the people and professors you thought you disliked. Biola has a big and beautiful community, take advantage of it and the opportunities to share off campus before you graduate and go your separate ways. From everyone except your two to five forever people and mentors, don’t take them for granted! 

Hannah D., Alissa H. and Professor Kitada: I’m so thankful for the ways you’ve poured into me and pushed me as a person and as a journalist!”

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