SGA Rundown: Serving adopted students

Senators pass budget and commuter parking proposal.

Hannah Larson, News Editor

This week, the Student Government Association discussed course evaluations and passed the Fall budget. 


Hope senator Christie Macris gave a presentation about adopted and foster students at Biola. Macris said her two older sisters were adopted at birth, which gave her insight into the difficulties associated with the adoption process that often go unrecognized. 

Macris explained some adopted students feel their story is too personal to share, which results in them being an underrepresented segment of the student population. She encouraged senators to serve adopted students with intentionality and sensitivity by letting them share their experiences when they are ready. Macris suggested that senators promote grants specifically for students with foster care backgrounds. 


Vice president of community relations Madeline Topete requested $226.49 for four signs to designate specific parking spaces for long distance commuters. Currently, these specific signs on Caf Hill and Lot H are reserved for SGA and Student Missionary Union executives. Topete explained the spots will be reserved for students who travel at least 25 miles one way. 

Topete said commuters who meet the requirements can enter a lottery to apply for one of the parking spaces. She explained 10 commuters will be chosen for the four spots, each for a designated time slot. Topete said commuters who win will be given a designated parking pass and clarified that anyone who parks in a commuter space without the necessary sticker will be fined. The proposal passed in full. 


Senators passed the SGA fall 2022 budget in full for $45,710. The money will be allocated to a variety of expenses including a leadership retreat, payroll and discretionary funds, among others.

Senators emphasized the importance of filling out course evaluations as the semester draws to a close. Senators explained that student evaluations affect professors’ tenure and influence whether or not they are promoted. Senators clarified that the survey results do not go directly to the university but are handled by a third party.

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