Arts and entertainment semester highlights

Here are the Top 4 pieces of student and faculty art on campus this semester.


Haylie Irving//THE CHIMES

This larger-than-life charcoal and graphite on paper piece serves as the centerpiece to the “Sea We Must Wade” exhibit. Created by Shawn Michael Warren, the piece “was created as a response to the water crisis in Flint, MI.”

Emily Coffey and Kate Bomar

This semester, the campus came alive as students and faculty worked hard to produce their best work during the celebration of arts and media. Here is a quick rundown of the best art pieces and productions this year. 


On March 22, THE COLOR PINK was an exquisite embark on femininity and childhood. Many mediums included photography, sculpture and painting. The student showcase commented on femininity and childhood. A standout piece was “Pink, blooming,” a 3D sculpture by freshman art major Emilia Davies. 


Most notable on campus, “The Sea We Must Wade” exhibited heavy themes of the effect of police brutality and systemic racism in America. From a wall-sized graphite titled “Troubled Waters” by Shawn Michael Warren to a film on the subject playing on loop, The Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery took on an air of importance and gravity for the month it displayed. Warren later visited campus to speak on the piece and its influences. 


Eurydice” was a crowd favorite with a touching and tragic storyline. Playing at the beginning of April, this two-hour show explored love and death. From the actors’ stunning performances, to the set design and scripting, this show was one for the books. 


Directed by senior cinema and media arts major Samuel Moyle, “Indictus” has the potential to be a masterpiece. This sci-fi thriller inspired by works such as “Ex Machina” and the “Matrix” is not to be missed. The preface begins with a woman who is interrogated by an artificial intelligence that impersonates her closest relatives.

 Senior cinema and media arts major Griffin Douglass brought his writings to life as he directed the short film “Under Refurbishment.” Final production will be wrapped in May, as the film continues a lively and engaging online presence.

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