Spring 2022 playlist

Here are our top picks of songs to help you get through these final weeks of school.

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

As the semester comes to a close and the studying grind takes a toll on students, music is a great tool to relieve stress. These five artists and their songs are perfect to stream during finals.   


After years of silence and an occasional song drop via TikTok, Charlie Puth recently resurfaced and released his hit single “That’s Hilarious.” The song reflects a brutal breakup and the regret of letting someone go. Studying is already an emotional rollercoaster so listening to Puth sing hard hitting lyrics like You didn’t love when you had me/But now you need me so badly/You can’t be serious/That’s hilarious” can make you feel a little less alone. 


On March 25, COIN released its sixth studio album “Uncanny Valley.” COIN leads with its upbeat vibe with the audience sharing 14 new songs. “Chapstick” and “Cutie” have the most streams on Spotify, but “Brad Pitt” ties the vibes of the album together as a futuristic and technological sound. 


Harry Styles hit gold with the highest single-week streaming tally of 2022 for his newest release “As It Was.” The song discusses the changing nature of relationships, especially after a heartbreak. The song starts out with a child saying, “Come on Harry we want to say goodnight to you,” and concludes with a joy-ride of emotion. 


After being in the spotlight the last six months for her breakup with Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello dropped her unexpected third album “Familia,” a mix of songs in Spanish and English. “Don’t Go Yet” and “Bam Bam” led as Cabello’s lead singles which set the stage for the album. The album brings Cabello’s history together through lyrical poetry and latin-infused arrangements, creating a new and healthy direction for the artist as she processes the last three years since “Romance.”    


Memories can be held through specific songs. In memory of Missions Conference readers can listen to Isla Vista on Spotify.  Songs like So In Love, My Portion and Captured can help transport students back to a few special nights.

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