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Biola Film’s winner “Guber” overcomes difficult weather conditions.

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

Biola Film’s winner “Guber,” written and directed by junior cinema and media arts major Juliet Lucas, is in the process of filming. The release date looms at only a month away, but the shoot process was more than what cast and crew bargained for. 


Originally written as a short novel in high school, “Guber” tells the story of Carter, an uber driver whose sister is killed in a drunk driving accident. After this life-changing event, Carter picks up a job as an uber driver to keep drunk drivers off the street. Lucas turned the script into a screenplay and pitched the story after revamping the wording with a friend last November. She submitted a directing reel to Biola Film and was chosen as a finalist to have her short film come to life. 

“It’s been a story I have been involved in for the past 3-5 years just working on and off it,” Lucas said. 

Production took place March 17-20 and only a few possible finalized reshoots remain until the premier on April 30 at an undecided location.

The process included dangerous filming conditions such as working with lights and electricity during rainfall and an extreme late-night wrap, according to junior cinema media arts major Kaylee Sommers. Unique night shoots and a rainy film set pushed filming back by a few hours. 

An emotional scene meant to wrap around 4 a.m. went longer than expected due to weather conditions, but it became the highlight of Lucas’ filming experience. 

“Even though we were behind schedule, we were pulling through and racing the sunrise which is a fun experience,” Lucas said. 


With over 40 people in the cast and crew, learning various communication styles has helped prepare everyone for future projects and work relationships. Junior cinema and media arts major Harrison Zeiders explained that this experience of working with a new set of people is helpful.

“This is a class where you pull together a bunch of people who are enrolled and you make a movie together,” Zeiders said. “You’re forced into the mindset of working with new people and getting to know them and understand them.” 

Through learning experiences and grit, the short film is coming together. 

“We put in our heart and soul from the crew side into creating Juliet’s vision and making it come to life,” Sommers said. “I think that the dedication and passion to create a story can really be shown through the quality of the film. ”


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