‘The Chosen’ comes to Biola

The School of Cinema & Media Arts hosted a special event with writers, producers and actors from the hit show.

Chris Charpentier, Staff Writer

On March 25, the School of Cinema & Media Arts held a special event centered around the hit Christian TV show, “The Chosen.” Some of the writers, producers and cast came for a meet and greet as well as a Q&A moderated by the school’s dean, Tom Halleen.

A CROWD OF 2,000

Over 2,000 people reserved their spots at this event, as long lines stretched to Crowell Music Hall. The line for the meet and greet alone wrapped around the side of the library and into the parking lot beside the Worship Building. Spirits were high going into the event and lifted even higher once the event officially began. Although the beginning was delayed due to a late sunset, Halleen eventually came on stage and introduced a video sent in by the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins. Jenkins asked the audience to view the show’s first episode with fresh eyes.

After the screening finished, the crew behind the writing and production came onto the stage to answer questions about how they got involved with the project and what they hope their show is able to accomplish within the world at large. Co-writers Tyler Thompson and Ryan Swanson talked at length about how their scripts are rooted from their love for the Bible. They work together to create a show that both expands upon the biblical text and stays accurate within the process. With the help of scholars like professor of New Testament Doug Huffman, the writers got the advice they needed to write scripts that were compelling and biblically sound.


Season 3 is scheduled to start shooting next month and according to the writers and producers, there will be seven seasons in total. The crew also announced a new series is in the works titled “Generation Z: Unfiltered Reactions to The Chosen,” where nine strangers struggling with their Christian faith are brought together to watch “The Chosen” and give their thoughts on the series.

After these announcements, some of the cast members came onto the stage to answer questions regarding their characters and their experiences on set. Both Noah James and Lara Silva, who play Andrew and Eden respectively, discussed the research and personal input they had to give to their roles in order to portray them well. Luke Dimyan, who played Judas, discussed the approach that the show wants to take with the character of Judas, which involves exploring who Judas was as a complex person and not exclusively considering his betrayal.

To end the night, Halleen called everyone in the crowd to stand up and pray for the cast and crew. It was clear that everyone, from students and faculty to people who simply were fans of the show, was left satisfied with the insight given into the show that has captured millions of people around the world.


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