SGA Rundown: Senators pray for Ukraine and discuss campus accessibility

SGA discussed a spring dance and considered a student proposal.

Hannah Larson, News Editor

This week, the Student Government Association discussed the war in Ukraine and considered how to serve students with disabilities. Senators discussed changes to open hours and planned the upcoming spring dance.


Senators prayed for the church in Russia and Ukraine. They asked God to protect refugees as well as those who are in Ukraine and comfort everyone impacted by the current violence. Senators prayed for wisdom for Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Joe Biden and NATO allies. Senators emphasized the importance of remembering God’s sovereignty in the midst of chaos and prayed that God’s eternal peace would transcend the pain of war.


Alpha senator Amy Watson gave a presentation about serving Biolans with disabilities. She explained that when interacting with a visually impaired person, one should be specific when giving directions and use alt text to describe slides and visuals. When talking with someone who uses an American Sign Language interpreter, Watson said the speaker should look at the individual rather than the interpreter. 

Freshman cinema and media arts major Isaiah Swasey said that Biola is making progress in accessibility, but there are areas to improve. Swasey said that in some parts of campus, it is difficult to locate a wheelchair ramp. Watson explained that accessibility means creating an inclusive environment that benefits everyone and makes it easy to remove or circumvent potential barriers. 


Senior psychology major and peer wellness ambassador Kate Fitzpatrick requested $2,000 to host a student leader appreciation event. Fitzpatrick explained that the event would celebrate both paid and volunteer student workers. Invitees include students who work in the SGA, Student Missionary Union and Office of Community Engagement, among others. 

Fitzpatrick said the money requested would go toward Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, chips, drinks and Costco sheet cakes. If approved, Fitzpatrick said the celebration would tentatively be held April 21 on either Metzger or Sycamore Lawn.


SGA president Nevin Slaughter announced a pilot test starting March 21 that will change open hours to Thursday-Sunday from 2-11 p.m. Slaughter explained this is a trial test run and that current open hours will return if it does not work out. 

Senators discussed possible venues for a spring formal scheduled to take place on April 22. They considered Hidden House Coffee, the Nixon Library, the La Mirada Golf Course and the Spring Field Banquet Center as possible off-campus venues. Potential on-campus locations include the top floor of the Jesus Saves parking garage or the library courtyard. Senators created four teams—desserts and drinks, decorations, marketing and advertising, and music and dance instructors—to tackle necessary preparations for the dance.

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