Baseball gets stuck in a win-lose situation

The Eagles beat the Hawks on Saturday only to lose on Sunday.

Charlotte McKinley, Staff Writer

Baseball played a doubleheader in Oakland, California against Holy Names University on Feb. 26 and won, 17-4 and 11-8. The next day, Feb. 27, they played another doubleheader against Holy Names, losing 3-4 and 4-5. 


Hot off a landslide win, Biola saw some trouble in the first three innings of the game. Holy Names scored two runs in the second inning. Undeterred, the Eagles scored three runs in the third inning. Sophomore outfielder Matthew Nyce scored Biola’s first run of the game. Sophomore first base Wyatt Duncan and sophomore infielder Andrew Lujan followed with two more runs completed.

Holy Names surpassed Biola in the sixth inning after scoring two runs, bringing the score to 3-4. Not to be outdone, in the seventh inning, junior outfielder Tyler Baca tied up the game. Senior infielder Oscar Serratos scored the next run, surpassing Holy Names. Freshman infielder Bobby Brown homered, allowing junior first base Rylan Greenlee, sophomore outfielder Evan Rowe and sophomore utility Taylor Justus to score runs. Before the seventh inning was up, Baca and junior outfielder Brandon Thomas scored two more runs bringing the score up to 11-4. 

In the eighth inning, Brown homered again, allowing Greenlee, Justus and Duncan to score. During the ninth, junior infielder Taylor White and senior catcher Brayden Hamilton scored the last runs of the day bringing the final score to 17-4.


The Hawks were quick to score in the first inning, pulling ahead by two runs. The Eagles responded, tying up the game with runs from White and Rowe in the second inning. Holy Names pulled ahead by one run at the end of the second inning. Biola tied it up again in the fourth inning with a run from sophomore catcher Rhett Stein, unearned. The Hawks scored two unearned runs in the fourth inning, surpassing the Eagles and bringing the score to 3-5.

The fifth and sixth innings were scoreless. In the seventh inning, Serratos and Lujan tied it up after scoring unearned runs. Brown broke the tie with his run. After White’s double to center field, Rowe scored yet another run for Biola. Stein homered, sending White and Greenlee home, scoring two more runs. Holy Names scored three runs before the seventh inning was up, but it was not enough to pull ahead of Biola. Biola was the only team to score a run in the eighth inning. Rowe scored, unearned. No teams scored in the ninth.

The close game ended with the Eagles on top for a score of 11-8. 


A new day, a new chance for victory. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the Eagles. 

The first game on the sunny day was back and forth and low scoring. The first run was scored in the third inning by Holy Names. The Eagles fought back with homers from Serratos and Duncan in the fourth inning, surpassing Holy Names for a score of 2-1. Holy Names tied it up again with a homer of their own before the fourth inning was finished.

Thomas scored the final run for Biola in the fifth inning, pulling ahead one last time. No runs were scored in the sixth inning. In the seventh inning, Holy Names scored the last two runs of the game, bringing the total to 3-4.


Trying to shake off the loss, Biola came to the second game of the day with the intention to win. Intentions were not enough for the Eagles, however. Once again, they struggled against Holy Names, playing another low scoring game.

After scoring no runs in the first inning, Holy Names came forward with a vengeance, scoring four runs in the second inning. Biola tried to catch up in the fourth inning with Greenlee hitting the first homer of the game. Before the fourth inning was out, Rowe scored another run for Biola. The Hawks scored their final run of the game at the end of the fourth inning bringing the score to 2-5.

Lujan scored a run in the fifth inning with Stein scoring Biola’s last run in the sixth inning. No runs were scored in the seventh, eighth or ninth innings. Holy Names beat Biola 4-5.

Men’s baseball (5-7) will travel to San Francisco, California and face off against the Academy of Art University for a doubleheader on March 4 at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Footage and stats from the game are located on the Biola Athletics website.

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