Baseball decimates Cal Poly Pomona

The Eagles’ early lead brings success over the Broncos, 12-4.

Charlotte McKinley, Staff Writer

Baseball played in Pomona, California against Cal Poly Pomona on Feb. 22 and won, 12-4. Throughout the game, the Eagles dominated the Broncos, not letting them score for most of the game.


Biola was quick to redeem their recent losing streak with junior outfielder Tyler Baca scoring the first run of the game in the first inning. The second inning saw a run for Cal Poly Pomona, but Biola retaliated quickly with four runs earned in the third inning with sophomore first baseman Wyatt Duncan homering. The Broncos were unable to score.

Senior infielder Oscar Serratos homered in the fourth inning, and Baca scored. The fifth inning saw the Eagles scoring three runs, bringing the total up to 10-1 by the end of the inning. Junior infielder Tyler White scored a run on a balk, sophomore catcher Rhett Stein scored a run unearned and Baca scored yet another run.


The sixth inning was stagnant with no runs added for either team. Cal Poly Pomona scored three runs in the seventh inning, but that was not enough to prevent Biola from taking the game. The Eagles scored two more runs in the eighth inning from Serratos and sophomore outfielder Brenden Bell. They scored no runs in the ninth inning. 

The Eagles flew away with the score, 12-4, leaving the Broncos in the dust.

Men’s baseball (3-5) will travel to Oakland, California and face off against Holy Names University for a doubleheader on Feb. 26 at 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Footage and stats from the game are located on the Biola Athletics website.

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