Bardwell gallery opening with new faculty exhibit

Featuring multiple mediums, the art exhibit showcases art exclusively from faculty members.

Emily Coffey, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On the evening of Feb. 22, the Bardwell art gallery featured a faculty art exhibit. The exhibition of faculty-exclusive art pieces range from paintings to sculpture, to collections that show the Biola art faculty entering a modern art dialogue. 

The collection features works from eight faculty members including Dan Callis, Melissa Beck, Astri Swensdrud, Jonathan Puls, Kari Dunham, Laura Goble, Christine Lee Smith, Luke Aleckson, Daniel Chang, Erica Ryan Stallones and Zehavi Husser. Each piece comes together “to form a dynamic visual dialogue in the gallery space,” according to the program. 

Jeffrey Rau, the gallery curator, was excited to see the exhibition come together, as a faculty exhibition has not been featured for nearly four years due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

“This is an opportunity for us just to celebrate the work of faculty,” Rau said. “And to highlight that, to also just establish that we are a community of makers ourselves.”


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