Office of Student Wellness hosts annual Sleep Week

Sleep Week returns to campus with events and chapels.

Caleb Jonker, News Editor

As Biola students enter one of the busiest periods of the semester, the Office of Student Wellness is reminding students to rest. Among the events were chapels, workshops and a sleep fair.


Coordinator of Student Wellness Debrianna Debolt said that it is crucial for students to take a break. On Feb. 16, students gathered at the Fireplace Pavilion for the Sleep Fair to learn about sleep week and pack sleep kits.

This Sleep Week marks the first since the full student body returned to campus following the global pandemic. Debolt explained that this year’s Sleep Week focuses on calming students’ racing minds. The theme, “Rest: Mind, Body, Soul,” emphasizes the need for students to slow down and pay attention to all areas of their personal wellness. 

Debolt recommended students consider their entire lives and make one change that will help them rest well. Sleep Week, Debolt explained, highlights “taking a gentle look at your life right now, and seeing what you might be needing to thrive.”


The Office of Student Wellness is offering an incentive to encourage students to rest. Students who attend Sleep Week events and attempt the different individual challenges will be entered into a raffle to win a Hatch Sleep Machine

The 21 ways to enter include individual challenges such as sleeping more than eight hours twice in one week and spending time practicing mindfulness before bed. Students who attend events will be given “secret codes,” which allow them to add their name to the raffle again. Thus far, there are over 4000 entries entered.


According to research done by the Taylor and Francis Group, 65% of college students experience poor sleep quality. This poor sleep quality is often linked to mental health problems. Excessive daytime sleepiness, which 55% of students have experienced, is listed among these problems.

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