Check out this photo gallery of ‘The Sea We Must Wade’

Take an inside look at the exhibition on campus about racial discrimination against Black Americans.

Emily Coffey, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“The Sea We Must Wade” is a heart-wrenching and eye-opening exhibit focused on the current-day suppression of African Americans. In sombering tone, it communicates the gravity of the grief that many face as a result of governmental suppression. The gallery includes the reality of police brutality and examples of civic mismanagement such as the Flint water crisis. 


In this 14 minute and 52 second short film, a haunting and beautiful orchestral plays behind a poem that is read by Weems. It was “created in the wake of Philando Castle’s death in 2016, and one year after a white supremacist killed 9 parishioners in a Bible study in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Chruch in Charleston.” The soundtracks are the first presentation that gallery viewers hear when they enter the gallery, giving the exhibition gravity and sobriety. There is also a journal and a pen for guest reflection. 


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