Power outage leaves Biola in the dark

Across campus buildings lost power, and the cause remains unknown.

Caleb Jonker, News Editor

This afternoon Biola’s campus lost power for an hour. According to Chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba, Campus Safety quickly activated a low-level alert across their emergency operation center. Ojeisekhoba reported that the cause of the outage is currently unknown.


Campus Safety prioritized communication during the outage. When the outage began all  Campus Safety officers and Resident Directors of the dorms communicated directly through a shared radio channel.

In order to efficiently respond to the situation the campus was divided into two zones, each with a designated team of Campus Safety officers with various responsibilities, according to Ojeisekhoba.


No students were hurt during the outage, according to Ojeisekhoba, but Campus Safety responded to two calls to help individuals who had become stuck in elevators in two different buildings. Ojeisekhoba explained that Campus Safety has a pre-established plan for situations such as these and responded to both calls with the help of the Los Angeles Fire Department and Facilities Management.

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