Women’s softball steals another victory

The Eagles scrapped for a win in the final inning, 6-4.

Natalie Willis, Editor in Chief

On Feb. 5, women’s softball secured their second consecutive win against the San Francisco State University Gators at home. The Eagles were on the outs for the first three innings due to the Gators’ early three-point lead. Biola began their fight in the fourth inning, steadily depleting the point deficit until they secured a lasting victory at the bottom of the ninth inning.


The Eagles were stagnant for the first three innings, scoring a total of three ones but leaving eight players on base. At the top of the fourth inning, redshirt junior outfielder Madison Blossey hit a single to the left which advanced redshirt sophomore utility player Alexis Lara to score the Eagles’ first point. 

Swiftly following Lara on third base, sophomore first base player Abie Nowak reached home off sophomore outfielder Maddie Riley’s single. Biola headed into the fifth inning only one point behind San Francisco State. 


The fifth and sixth innings were uneventful for both teams and Biola remained at a one-point disadvantage. Riley was able to tie the game at the top of the sixth inning, running home off of a fielder’s choice. Neither team scored for the rest of the inning.

Biola’s redshirt sophomore middle infielder Loren Meza scored at the top of the eight inning, pulling the Eagles ahead until the bottom of the inning when the Gators evened the score once again, 4-4. 

The Eagles finally earned a successful lead at the top of the ninth with sophomore outfielder Allie Beck scoring on an error. Soon after, Riley scored another point on a wild pitch, securing Biola’s lead and victory, 6-4.

Women’s softball (3-1) will return to the field on Feb. 11 to face the Westcliff University Warriors at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Stats from today’s game are located on the Biola Athletics website.

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