Men’s baseball drops the ball

The Eagles left the field annihilated by Otters.

Natalie Willis, Editor in Chief

On Feb. 5 men’s baseball started Saturday’s doubleheader with a loss against the California State University, Monterey Bay Otters, 10-2. Although the Eagles started off with a two-point lead in the first inning, they were unable to ward off the Otter’s advances. 

The Eagles were unable to redeem themselves in their second matchup against the Otters, losing 4-5.


Biola started the first game off strong, with freshman infielder Bobby Brown lining up a single to right center field. With the team’s momentum on high, senior infielder Oscar Serratos hit a home run, putting the Eagles at a two-point lead. 

The lead was short-lived as the Otters scored three points in the bottom of the first inning. Their lead increased through the fourth, fifth and sixth innings while Biola remained unable to score. The Eagles ultimately lost the match, 10-2. 


The Eagles fared better in their second game against the Otters, maintaining their lead until the seventh inning. Junior outfielder Tyler Baca placed the first point on the board for Biola and sophomore outfielder Evan Rowe matched this score at the top of the second inning, effectively giving the Eagles a two-point lead. 

Biola kept their lead into the third inning and doubled their points, but the Otters quickly caught on and swept the seventh inning with three successful runs. Despite Biola’s efforts, the Otters won overall, 5-4.

Men’s baseball (0-2) will face off against the California State University, Los Angeles Golden Eagles on Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. Stats from today’s game are located on the Biola Athletics website.

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