Bachelor Clayton Echard is on The Bachelor for the right reason

Here is all you need to know about the current Bachelor season, along with the reason Echard is considered the “best bachelor.”

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

The first episode of The Bachelor premiered on Jan. 3, presenting  Clayton Echard’s journey to find love. 


Echard actively searches for the type of love his parents have shown through 29 years of marriage. Clayton was first introduced on Michelle Young’s season and was sent home in a heart-wrenching scene right before the episode featuring hometown visits. While he checked all of Young’s boxes, she did not feel ready to meet his family. Now he is looking for love in this next season.   


Two seasons ago fans witnessed Peter Weber’s disaster season, but found redemption.Although only a few episodes aired, the trailer presents the season filled with an enormous amount of drama and tears. 

Before the season started a contestant dropped by Echard’s room to tell him she was not ready to be on the Bachelor. He offered her the first rose to stay and with careful consideration she declined and left the show. Echard was disappointed to start off on the wrong foot. Rumors circulated that contestant Cassidy Timbrooks has someone waiting for her back home.

 Contestant Claire Heilig shared her negative feelings about Echard.

 “I don’t need an ‘I love America’ and ‘I’m a sweetheart’ guy,” Heilig said about Echard, which resulted in her being sent home. 

In addition, contestant Shanae Ankney mocked another contestant’s battle with ADHD and told the house about Elizabeth Corrigan’s disorder without her permission. Fans voiced their ange on  Instagram and Twitter explaining how the show should not have allowed her to have much airtime. 


If viewers want to find more about who Echard picks, Reality Steve  always provides insight into what really happens behind the scenes. 

It will be hard to find a couple sweeter than “Bachelor in Paradise” couple Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, but maybe Echard and his “future wife” will set new standards.

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