Intramural mixer gathers students for spring sports

Intramural sports offer community and structured games for non-student-athletes.

Caleb Jonker, News Editor

On Wednesday students gathered around the Fireplace Pavillion for a meeting regarding the spring intramural season. During the meeting, intramural coordinator Hayden Leever explained that intramural sports are meant to unite the student body. 


This academic year marked the return of intramural sports hosted by On Campus Engagement, since the pandemic. OCE utilizes intramurals to build a sense of community on campus, according to Leever. This spring OCE offers basketball, sand volleyball, softball, soccer and ultimate frisbee.

According to Leever, OCE experienced difficulties in spreading information about intramurals to the student body. With fewer students who had participated before on campus to spread the word about the program, intramural coordinators devised alternate methods to attract students. 

Many students who participated in intramurals in the past returned as well as a few new members, according to Leever. He explained that by taking a proactive approach in their advertising and allowing space for questions from students they kept the program running. 

“It came back strong and the numbers aren’t drastically lower than they were pre-COVID,” Leever said.


Some students, such as junior nursing major David Brown, said that the event helped answer questions about the league, such as when games took place and how to assemble a team. 

Other students attended to ask specific questions about the league. Junior cinema and media arts major Drew Dinasso encountered problems when he attempted to create his team on the IMleagues website. 

Leever responded to a question about potential website problems, explaining that like most technologies IMleagues is not perfect. He recommended attempting again on a different computer or with a different form of payment.

Registration for intramural teams is open until Jan. 31.

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