“Scream” is an unsuccessful revival

This 2022 entry in the long-standing franchise struggles to grasp what made the original good.

Chris Charpentier, Staff Writer

Scream,” also known as “Scream 5,” is the latest entry in the famous ‘90s slasher franchise, made famous by its self-awareness of the classic horror films tropes that defined the genre for decades. The original director, the late Wes Craven, left the series on an indefinite hiatus. 

Now, the franchise returns with a new director, a new cast and the return of some legacy characters. However, after the long wait, this new entry fails to uphold the legacy of what made the franchise so unique.


The biggest issue with the film is the misuse of its satirization of horror films. Scenes like the opening phone call and Mindy complaining about the reboot-sequel quality of the killer’s plan are clever ways of bringing Scream into the modern age. However, there are many moments throughout the film that try to avoid past horror film cliches. Lines like “we’re going to leave town because no one ever does that” could be funny, but the characters still die in ways that lack invention.

Moments like a phone going off so that the antagonist has time to make his kill perfectly represent the film’s constant reliance on cliches, when it is actually the most susceptible to them.


In addition to this, a new cast of characters are leading the series into a new generation. Unlike the first film’s iconic cast of characters, these new ones are generic and hollow. However, Mindy managed to remain entertaining, carrying Randy’s torch from the first film into today. 

Unfortunately, the film does not spend that much time on her. Instead, the film focuses on two sisters, Sam and Tara, a relationship that is barely explored past their first conversation. While Jenna Ortega puts in a genuine effort as Tara, co-star Melissa Barrera does not fare well as Sam with the scripted dialogue.


Despite these major issues, the film is not devoid of any enjoyment. The gore effects are better than previous franchise movies. There are an ample amount of brutal kills throughout the film that provide viewers with intensity and jump-scares.

While it is grating at points, the film’s direct references to modern horror films like “Hereditary” and “The Babadook” are incredibly funny and indicate promise for how this series could continue if they decide to follow up this entry with a new film.

With that being said, “Scream” is a mostly unsuccessful revival that fails to create a fun, brain-numbing slasher film, actively encouraging the audience to take note of its supposed avoidance of horror cliches. There is some fun to be had with the brutal killing scenes but fans of the original film will most likely be let down with this new attempt at a revival.

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