Betty White may be gone, but her memory will not be forgotten

As a tribute to the passing of a long lived Hollywood celebrity, here are Betty White’s best movies and shows.

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

On Dec. 31, actress Betty White passed away during her sleep at 99 years old, leaving a hole in many hearts for the new year. However, fans still have an abundance of memories of White, from her iconic roles in the television and film industry, as well as her personal life. 


White was a part of numerous film and TV show productions throughout her life. The Golden Girls kicked off her career, premiering on NBC. The show follows the lives of four widowed or divorced women who live together in Miami.White played Rose Nylund from 1985 to 1992. 

White starred as the hilariously spiritual grandmother in the 2009 blockbuster The Proposal, alongside Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. This rom-com is about a boss who forces her assistant to marry her in order to keep her American visa. When she had to go home to meet his family in Alaska, disaster ensued. 

White also guest starred as herself in TV shows such as Ugly Betty, and was a voice actor for multiple cartoons and children shows including The Lorax. White contributed to almost every part of the industry, even appearing on Disney shorts as a voice actor.  


Working with the American Humane Association, White was an animal rights activist and supported multiple organizations to help pursue her passion. In the early 1970s she produced The Pet Set, a talk show where celebrities talked about their pets. White also wrote a book about her love for animals including “Friends: My Life at the Zoo.” At the Los Angeles Zoo, a plaque in honor of White’s title as “ambassador to the animals” can be seen.

These accomplishments are only a small portion of White’s contribution to the animal rights community. Fans and organizations continue to donate money to animal shelters or rescue missions because of her legacy. White continues to leave a long-lasting impression upon multiple generations, leaving behind a memory of both kindness and hilarity.

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