The Top 5 Christmas movies to watch this season

On every streaming service, here is a watchlist to get you in the holiday mood.

Emily Coffey and Kate Bomar

Entering the holiday season calls for festive decorations, hot cocoa and binge-watching classic Christmas movies. Although there are many Hallmark movies, even more Christmas spoofs, and the various assortment of holiday-flavored rom-coms, here are the Top 5 favorites from the Arts and Entertainment staff. 


“Love Actually” is a British Christmas classic. The complex storyline requires focus, so do not play the movie in the background of a Christmas party. Starring Keira Knightly and Colin Firth, it is framed around four couples during the holiday season, pursuing various love interests. Its dry humor blends into meaningful romantic plotlines, all of which end differently but remain intertwined. 


This 2019 romantic comedy stars Emilia Clarke from the classic “Me Before You” and Henry Golding from “Crazy Rich Asians.”  “Last Christmas” brings a narrative to the song “Last Christmas” by Wham!, leading to an unexpected ending that leaves viewers in tears. 


This 2018 Netflix film features “The Vampire Diaries” star Kat Graham as she goes through the whimsical delight of a winter love story. Years after the passing of her grandmother, Abby Sutton, an aspiring photographer, receives a Christmas calendar from her grandfather that predicts the future. Caught in a love triangle, Sutton discovers her true love was right in front of her all along. Although this film follows a predictable hallmark plotline, it is a must watch. 


“The Polar Express” is a beautifully illustrated children’s Christmas classic that is deep with meaning and intentional storyline. Framed around an imaginary train that makes its way to the North Pole every Christmas, it challenges the lines between reality and fantasy, bringing out the inner child in every viewer. This movie can be streamed on HBO Max with a subscription or purchased online. 


“Christmas with the Kranks” is an outrageous, hilarious and disarmingly sweet Christmas movie. It explores the cul de sac politics of a couple of empty-nesters who decide not to celebrate Christmas in order to save money for a cruise. Disaster ensues—for their community and for their family. Starring power duo Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, this movie is a must-watch for the holiday season.  

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