Politics Rundown: Gas prices rise and House passes bill

Last week saw the historic transfer of presidential power to Kamala Harris.

Hannah Larson, Staff Writer

President Joe Biden asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate rising gas prices as the national average soared to $3.49 per gallon. Biden said illegal conduct and “anti-consumer” behavior caused the recent spike in the cost of fuel. To offset the price surge, the White House continues to consider releasing crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, an underground emergency oil supply.


The House passed a $2 trillion domestic spending bill to fund universal prekindergarten, expand child care, and incentivize investments in wind, solar and nuclear power. Additional provisions include expanding health coverage to millions of Americans and adding Medicare coverage for hearing aids.

The bill’s passage comes after House minority leader Kevin McCarthy spoke for eight hours and 32 minutes to delay a vote. All Republicans and one Democrat representative voted against the bill, but the remaining 220 Democrats voted in favor and secured its passage. 


On Friday, Biden transferred presidential power to Vice President Kamala Harris while he was sedated during a colonoscopy, making Harris the first woman to serve as acting president. Press Secretary Jen Psaki described the procedure as a routine health checkup. Biden returned to the White House five hours after the procedure. 

Harris flew to Ohio after Biden returned to presidential duties to celebrate the recently approved infrastructure bill, which provides over $10 billion to that state for road repair and energy grid improvements. Harris addressed the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 189 Union about the bill, which provides funding to replace lead pipes for residents to access safe drinking water.

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