Parents respond to California vaccine mandates

Public schools experience drop in attendance over vaccine mandate.

Julianne Foster, Staff Writer

On Oct. 17, many parents across the state, including Orange County, kept their kids out of school to protest the mandates. Dropped attendance affects school funding and allowed parents to demonstrate their concern. 


As of next year, California will begin their process as the first state to require COVID-19 vaccinations for school children. California plans to implement vaccine mandates as soon as January or July 2022. 

According to USA Facts, 73% of Californians have received one dose of the vaccine and 60% are fully vaccinated.

The Orange County Register reported some protestors are not against the vaccine and are even vaccinated themselves. However, the protest allowed parents to demonstrate their concern. Other parents opted to send their kids to school on Monday to show their support for the vaccine mandates, The OC Register reported. 

“A lot of people think we’re anti-vaccine, we’re anti-mask. We’re [free] to choose what’s best for us. It’s not a one size fits all type of thing,” said Sean Sores, a parent in the Clovis Unified School District.

For kids with medical and religious belief concerns, exemptions are available


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