Americans are sick of the COVID-19 discussion

People are ready to take back control over their lives.

Caleb Britt, Staff Writer

It has been nearly two years of living in a new reality consisting of viruses, masks and online work—something vastly different from what we knew before COVID-19. The pandemic began with toilet paper shortages, which suddenly shifted to disbelief and conspiracies surrounding the virus. Not long after that, people lost their jobs and some lost their loved ones to the virus.

While in isolation, some people were productive with their time while others simply waited for life to return to normal. At some point, though, everyone began to wonder when the restrictions would be lifted. 

Ready to return to pre-pandemic days, employees and business owners went back to work, people met in churches and groups rallied around their favorite political candidate during the presidential elections. Regardless of what the government mandated, people responded with a strong desire for independence and freedom.

This response that some deemed as embracing individual freedoms and rights was called retaliation by others. Regardless of personal stance, the United States must understand that the time of COVID-19 is coming to a gradual end, according to Healthline. There are fewer and fewer arguments about which vaccine to get, no new shocking statistics and a society who cannot wait to return to their normal lives.


Put very simply, COVID-19 is no longer as interesting as it was at the beginning. With the eyes of the public no longer phased by headlines like “US COVID-19 death toll rises for 5th straight week,” news outlets try to turn heads with information about vaccination stats. Although initially these statistics were intriguing, this news became redundant due to its divisive nature. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, the virus is slowing down, which gives clarity to the lack of interest from the general public about the virus. 

There are many other global issues that must be discussed now. Human trafficking, climate change and the newly released Pandora Papers, revealing government corruption that needs to be discussed. These are topics that have to be addressed and resolved. 


COVID-19 is a disease that caused over half a million deaths in the U.S. However, the impact of keeping a world shut down or even somewhat held back from fully functioning has implications on the economy of the world, not to mention the mental health of the general population. 

Concern about needing more time to vaccinate people is valid, as there has been a significant window of opportunity for people to be fully vaccinated that is still open to those willing to.

People need to be given the freedom to return to their normal lives without facing limitations in their life under the hand of a well-meaning government. It is time to allow each person to fend for themselves and make choices that they think are in their own best interest, whether that means continuing their isolation or re-entering society.


People will find that upon returning to normal life, people are made to govern themselves and determine their own health decisions. Unfortunately, civilians were forced to rely on their governments over the last two years—although not entirely to their disadvantage. Governments coordinated the communication on COVID-19 information and provided vaccinations. 

Now that the government did their job, it is time for the power to be put back in the hands of the people so that they can begin to rebuild their lives. It is time to start talking about the other major issues plaguing the world.

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