Bardwell and the Green Art Gallery host debut showing

The art department opens their new gallery “Being Present” after a year of isolation.

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

On Tuesday evening, voices echoed in the Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery once again. After a year of isolation, artists displayed their artwork for the “Being Present” gallery. The art gallery has remained closed since the “Sweet Jesus” display in 2020 before Biola shut down due to the global pandemic. 


Throughout the night, students, faculty and alumni had the opportunity to experience the gallery. While many students and artists came and left, some viewers remained for the entire 2.5 hours. 

The gallery displayed several types of mediums. From photographs to sculptures, viewers had the opportunity to engage with multiple pieces. 

Artist Nery Gabriel Lemus whose work can be found in exhibits across Southern California, displayed two pieces written in Spanish on fabric from Guatemala. One piece can be translated to “A lie runs until the truth catches up to it,” and the other, “an ant gets more progress walking than a giant can get just standing there.” 

“These are things my mom would tell me as a kid, so it’s the things that guide us and give us instructions for life,” Lemus said. “For me that’s how I feel very connected to that childlike experience.” 


Nine Biola alumni had their art on display at the “Being Present” gallery. Among them were Ryan Callis, Eleanor Greer, Amanda Hamilton, Lex Harvey, Katie Wigglesworth, Amanda Yamashita, Eric Trine and Sydney Walters. Many students, faculty and staff showed up to see their work. 

“It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been able to show and that doesn’t feel good,” Harvey said.“When you don’t have opportunities to show your work it can be more difficult to produce.” 


Junior studio arts major Molly Pederson shared that she is nervous but excited about the prospect of her art being displayed in the new gallery.

“It’s kind of a lot of pressure to be able to communicate what you want to communicate,” Pederson said. “An audience is going to come in without having a foundational understanding of what you’re doing… It’s kind of overwhelming, but exciting.”


The “Being Present” gallery will remain open until Sept. 30. Students and faculty are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere or take Instagram photos of the artwork.

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