Hidden food gems on campus

The best meals and beverages students can find at Biola.


Kate Bomar/The Chimes

A vegan poke bowl from the Caf, which includes sushi rice, vegan crab meat, coconut meat and other toppings and sauces.

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

After a year of absence, students may find it difficult to find their way around campus food options, as some places like Blackstone Cafe are temporarily closed. Here is a brief insight into the available Biola eateries and their culinary gems. 


While food regulars at the Caf include burgers, pizza and the salad bar, stations such as Made To Order and Home Cookin’ change their menu daily, leaving mixed reviews from students. 

Junior intercultural studies major Ruthie Montisines shared that meals from the Caf have improved since her freshman year at Biola. Because students can submit recommendations, meals have become more diverse instead of limited to western cuisine.

“They are very caring about international students,” Montisines said. 

On Sept. 8, Made To Order introduced the vegan poke bowl, which included sushi rice, vegan crab meat, coconut meat and a variety of toppings. After picking up a bowl of rice and vegan meats, students cater to their own likings by adding cucumbers, edamame, asparagus and carrots. The Caf added Sriracha sauce, poke sauce and wasabi to top it all off. Although the schedule for food changes daily, this is one that students need to try.

Montisines finds the shrimp seafood pizza to be the best. 

“It’s very rare for the Caf to have seafood, but coming from the Philippines, I feel at home when they do have those varieties,” Montisines said.

Students can go to Cafe Biola to view the menu for the upcoming week. It is an excellent resource for students to use as they try to decide which will be the best option for their week. 


Finding the right coffee spot on campus may be tough at first. With three distinct atmospheres, there is something for everyone at either Heritage, Common Grounds or The Talon

If you want a quick Starbucks fix, Heritage is the place to go. Although gift cards are not accepted, you can find all the favorites including caramel macchiatos, iced matcha lattes and frappuccinos. Heritage is also a perfect place for a quick snack between classes. 

The aroma of coffee beans upon walking into Common Grounds can wake anyone up on an early morning. Traditional coffee can be found here, including hot, iced and blended drinks.  

As fall slowly creeps up on college students, the thought of pumpkin and chai flavoring fill the air. One of the best drinks for autumn lovers is the chai bomb. Available year-round, students who come from states such as Oregon and Massachusetts who may miss traditional fall weather can indulge in this drink.

Overall, Biola has several food options for students with all kinds of tastes and preferences. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with fries from the Caf or an iced vanilla latte from Heritage. 

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