Top hits from this past summer

The top content from June to August 2021 that we recommend consuming.

Kate Bomar, Staff Writer

As summer comes to a close and fall classes begin, it is not quite right to leave without acknowledging the most notable films and artists of the last three months.  


Released in June, the Disney+ movie “Luca ” shares the life of a young sea monster who wishes to find a higher purpose in life and become a real boy. Although there are ties to themes in “The Little Mermaid,” this film uses Italian roots to show a film of family and friendship. 

Controversy over whether or not Luca has links to the LGBTQ community has been going around. While fans share their theories, actor Jack Dylan Grazer who voices Alberto claimed in an interview that the relationship between the two boys depicted friendship but nothing more. 


On July 9, Justin Bieber and Kid Laroi, singer of smash hit “Without You,” released a collaboration. “Stay” debuted at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart and continues to smash records.


Marvel fans were ecstatic when the third Disney+ original Marvel TV show came out on June 9. “Loki” gives more insight into the complex multiverse featured in every Marvel series. Since “Avengers: Endgame” was released in 2019, Marvel fans wondered what happened to Loki after he disappeared with the tesseract. This show brings together storylines, introducing new Marvel characters along the way. Who could not love Tom Hiddleston and co-star Sophia Di Martino as villains? 


Lorde was quiet after her first two smash hit albums, — “Pure Heroin,” which debuted in 2013, followed by “Melodrama” in 2017. With popular hits such as “Royals” and “The Love Club,” fans could not wait to finally hear from her. On Aug. 20, Lorde released “Solar Power,” which brings a new direction to her music by adding a woodsy feeling. With Jack Antonoff as producer, Lorde incorporates a more natural and holistic approach to this new album. 


Netflix released this horror trilogy during the summer with an astonishing cast list. Originally written by R.L. Stine, this three-part film goes through decades of horror and murders thrown upon the town of Shadyside. 


The highly anticipated Marvel movie “Black Widow” made its debut on Disney+ and in select theaters. Originally set to release in 2020, this film follows the life of Natasha Romanoff, an ex-Russian assassin. The film explores Romanoff’s life after “Captain America: Civil War,” and sheds a light on her familial background. Once again, Marvel shows its audience true female empowerment. 


“Outer Banks” took over Netflix this summer with its second season. This teen drama takes viewers on an action-filled adventure of finding a long-buried secret from a treasure map. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Outer Banks” had a total viewing of 2.1 billion minutes during the first week of August alone. 


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