Get an inside look on Bardwell Hall, now welcoming students and faculty

The new features of Bardwell accommodate art students beautifully.

Emily Coffey, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In the first ever post-COVID exhibition, Bardwell’s debut showcase will be held on Sept. 15 in the evening. Hallmarked by its modern architecture and elements of natural light, Bardwell combines collaborative workspaces with student expression. 


Bardwell hall was completed May 2021, ahead of schedule. Faculty and students just started using the center for classes and studio art. 


Jeffrey Rau, the gallery director for the university, stands by the doorway of his office.


The first space of the building acts as a secondary gallery space. 


Senior communications and sciences disorders major Priscilla Fung and junior sociology major Kharis Wilson admire the pieces in the gallery space. 


Macha Suzuki, “THISIS THEEND.” Fiberglass, enamel paint.


One row of senior studio spaces. 


Tools for student use in the studio space collaboration room. 


Senior studio art major Katie Swenson getting to work in her studio space. 


The downstairs hallway of the building. 


Art lining the staircase wall space, a common theme of the building. 


The lightroom leading into the darkroom for photo developing.  


A darkroom for film development. 


Large art piece displayed upstairs.


The art display presents neon elements of featured paintings.






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