Universities across the country make vaccine mandatory for in-person return

More than a dozen schools have come together to make vaccines mandatory, though Biola is allowing students to make the choice.

Maria Weyne and Natalie Willis

On April 22, the University of California and California State University school systems announced that they intend to make the COVID-19 vaccine required for students returning to campus. 


According to the Los Angeles Times, the schools are waiting for the Food and Drug Administration to ensure there are enough doses for the population. In addition, several colleges around the country have issued blanket requirements for the vaccine including Ivy Leagues such as Cornell University, Columbia University and Duke University

On April 14, California issued a statement allowing anyone above the age of 16 to get vaccinated. However, in the same week Moderna and Johnson & Johnson experienced shortages in their supply. Though the effects of these shortages is not yet clear, the process of vaccinating the country could be delayed. 


According to the Biola Health Center while students, faculty and staff are not required to receive the vaccine, it is encouraged. Those who opt out of receiving the vaccine will be subject to frequent COVID-19 testing and in the event of an outbreak, will be placed into mandatory quarantine. 

Other faith-based schools such as Azusa Pacific University and Vanguard University have yet to issue statements regarding the vaccine.

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