“McCartney III Imagined” experiments with classics

Paul McCartney’s recreation of his quarantine album features an assortment of features and a variety of genres.

Lauren McBride, Arts and Entertainment Editor

A reinstallment of a classic fan favorite, Paul McCartney of The Beatles reimagines his quarantine album released in 2020 with “McCartney III Imagined.” Although an unorganized compilement of niche genres, it fulfills its purpose as an experimental creation.


Every song features the voice or instrumental talent of another obscure artist, a rare trait in McCartney’s albums. Each artist’s own style of music is reflected in the track they are featured in, making it seem almost like a collection of singles from various artists rather than an album from just one. The album is an interesting combination of genres that do not seem like they are meant to go together.

Pretty Boys (feat. Khruangbin)” is more instrumental-focused, weaving in the global influences that the Texas band Khruangbin is known for, such as dub and psychedelia. The next track then transitions into soft rock. “Women and Wives – St. Vincent Remix” takes a different approach, with its main addition being the background vocals of artist St. Vincent, adding another layer of melody to the track. 

From there, “Deep Down – Blood Orange Remix” brings in the rhythm and blues side of the album. Devonté Hynes blends slight electronica with his groovy vocals, putting a fun spin on a previously basic track. The album takes a drastic turn by introducing Phoebe Bridgers’ soft voice and instrumentals. The Grammy-nominated singer transforms “Seize the Day (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)” into a peaceful, atmospheric masterpiecean indie rock wonderland.


With so many more intriguing, unique tracks in addition to these, it is clear that “McCartney III Imagined” serves as an experimental album. The genres bend from song to song, leaving the goal unclear and seemingly messy unless further looked into. From rock to electronica to psychedelia earlier on in the album, McCartney pulls from artists who can provide a variety of nearly every genre the listener can think of.

Slidin’ – EOB Remix” includes a harder rock sound, almost metal. Josh Homme continues to focus on the rock aspect in “Lavatory Lil (Josh Homme),” but with a country twang. More defined beats are present in the bit of electronic hip-hop given in “Deep Deep Feeling – 3D RDN Remix.” The 11-minute song flows through a variety of ups and downs and changes of pace that make it feel like the artists are leading the listener through a much longer journey.

Because of the variety of music the album presents, the album as a whole is not for everyone, and will most likely not be relistened to by many. However, this also makes it likely that listeners with all different music tastes will find at least one or two songs that they enjoy. Although it is not a very conventional album, “McCartney III Reimagined” executes a very unique concept well and is definitely worth the listen.

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