Biola opens up vaccine eligibility for all students

The Health Center allows students 18 and above to receive COVID-19 vaccines on campus.

Bethsabe Camacho and Maria Weyne

On April 13 the Biola Student Health Center announced all current students would be eligible to make appointments to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on campus. Appointments began on April 15 for any student above the age of 18. 


By April 16, the university will have administered 874 vaccines, according to the Health Center. This number includes a combination of first and second doses administered to all eligible students, including those who have just begun their intake. 

The university has also made a COVID-19 vaccine FAQ’s page available for those who are debating whether or not to get the vaccine. The email also included studies and a video explaining the vaccines and how they work. 


It is unclear how many doses Biola will receive each week, but according to the Health Center, Los Angeles County has promised to fulfill all of the university’s second dose requests each week.

All Californians 16 years of age and above are eligible to get the vaccine as of Thursday, April 15. The state-provided website to check vaccine availability can be found at

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