California to reopen theme parks and stadiums by April 1

With a downward trend of COVID-19 cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered slow reopening of major outdoor gatherings.

Maria Weyne, News Editor

On March 5, Gov. Gavin Newson officially announced that red tier counties in California will allow the reopening of theme parks and stadiums on April 1. 

According to Newsom, since California has been seeing a major downward trend in coronavirus cases, counties reaching the red tier will be able to reopen some major outdoor gathering locations. Disneyland, among others, has been confirmed to be reopened, unless these counties experience a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases. 


Reopening will still not allow these businesses to fully operate, according to Politico, outdoor sports and live performances will allow 100 people or fewer in stadiums, even for counties in the purple tier. Once the county hits the red tier, capacity is limited to 20% and concession sales are only available for attendees in seats. Capacity goes up to 33% once the county is in the orange tier and subsequently 67% in the yellow tier. 

Theme parks, on the other hand, will begin working at 15% capacity in the red tier, 20% for the orange tier and finally 35% in the yellow tier.

In order to attend any of these public spaces, guests must be from the state of California and reservations must be made. Officials have yet to release more information on the reopening.

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