Florida Georgia Line promotes unity amid political division

Full of failed romance and trucks, the band tackles timely topics.

Joshua Flores, Staff Writer

Known for their twang and country pop roots, Florida Georgia Line returned on Feb. 12 with their most recent album release “Life Rolls On.” Consistent with sound and their traditional fascination with women, trucks and beer, the band remains true to their fanbase, while intertwining more contemplative themes about life in America during 2021. Fueled by hope and kept afloat by songs about rural country living, Florida Georgia Line celebrates the joys of life and calls for patriotism and hope.


Similar to so many male-dominated country artists, Florida Georgia Line spends a great deal of time singing about the same tired subjects that country music has prided itself in for decades. This album has an entire song devoted to a “New Truck” that sure enough, is a two-minute and 22-second song that repeats, “I’ve got a new truck, I’ve got a new ride,” for nearly the duration of the song, making for a less than satisfying addition to the album.

The band also features the song “Beer:30,” a song devoted to drinking beer and hardly any substance or redeeming qualities, reflecting on casual drinking and college partying.


But accompanying this seemingly flat and anticlimactic collection of songs comes a refreshing call to unity and embracing America. In a time of political division, the wholesome “I Love My Country” is catchy and spreads an important message of national pride.

U.S. Stronger” is slower in pace, but continues the theme of finding hope and comfort in one’s country. In a day where social media is used to incite violence and politicians refuse to work together to benefit our nation, Florida Georgia Line’s message about “lean[ing] on love and one another” is one that is not only comforting but also a step toward a more life-giving, wholesome conversation.


Though country music may be self-same, “Life Rolls On” proves to be a country game-changer, one that uses its songs to promote not only the history of the genre but also modern themes of both love and community. Some may still find this release too familiar and lacking depth, yet Florida Georgia Line moves toward a more progressive conversation to soothe the division and confusion of the past year—promising peace, good times and progress if only the will to love one another is found.

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